An in-depth guide for beginners who don’t know where to start.

In these troubling times of what seems to be never ending quarantines, lots of people are looking out for new hobbies to entertain themselves from the safety of their homes. So it’s no surprise that gaming has seen an influx of people who are exploring the medium for the first time, or are returning after putting down the controller many years ago.

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Even kids play games so how hard can it be to start gaming, right?

Well as many beginning gamers experience themselves, it’s actually not as simple as most people expect.
There are three major hurdles everyone needs to…

Forgotten indie game of the week (03/05/21)

With 232 new games releasing, it sure was a busy week on Steam! But even though more games were released then usual, there weren’t really any big noteworthy games. Even amongst the indiegames, the average quality was lower than expected. But that doesn’t mean they were all bad. The game that appealed to me the most this week was ‘Smash’em’, a cute pixely hack and slash game where you fight waves of enemies.

What appealed to me the most about this game, was that it didn’t try to be a big and extensive game. …

Forgotten indie game of the week (26/04/21)

Welcome back to ‘Forgotten indie game of the week’. This week I’m going to do things slightly differently. Normally I review a game that was released last week and didn’t get the attention that it deserved, but this week I didn’t really feel that special connection with any of the newly released games. But there was one game that piqued my interest, ‘No Plan B’. Though it hasn’t fully released yet, they did release the prologue last week.

About the game:

‘No plan B’ is a tactical top-down shooter, where you do not control any of the characters directly but…

Forgotten indie game of the week (19/04/21)

Welcome back to ‘Forgotten indie game of the week’ where I go through the entire list of games released last week, and highlight a game that I feel like didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Last week 189 games were released. So like usual there were a lot of good games that didn’t get much attention, but I feel like I definitely found a hidden gem this week as well. Let me introduce you to ‘Trainslation’, a game where you are lost in a foreign subway station and have to find your destination.

About the game:

The original version of…

Forgotten indie game of the week (12/04/21)

Last week 169 games were released on Steam. And even though this might seem like a lot, it’s actually considerably less than previous weeks. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean that the general quality of games has to be lower, as I came across several interesting looking games that piqued my interest this week as well.

But alas, with my limited time I can only choose one indie game each week that I think deserves more attention. And this week the game that fascinated me the most with it’s rather unique graphical style and gameplay, was ‘Inkslinger’.

About the game:

Forgotten indie game of the week (05/04/2021)

Just last week, 220 new games were released on Steam. And even though there were some highly anticipated games such as the full release of ‘Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’ and ‘Evil genius 2’, there are also a lot of games who are simply forgotten amongst the huge amounts of games released.

So each week I like to dig through the games that didn’t get a huge welcome from the community, and find those hidden gems that are special in their own way.

I found it very hard to only pick one game this week, because there were actually a few…

Forgotten indie game of the week (29/03/21)

Every week hundreds of new games get released, hoping to get a place in the spotlight. But unfortunately it doesn’t always lead to the appreciation that some of these games deserve.

As a game developer myself, I know how it feels to put your time and passion into your project. And when you are finally ready to show your game to the world, nobody seems to notice it.

I have always liked going over all the newly released games on Steam, and seeing which games get some attention and which games are left to be forgotten. But this week I…

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Video game artist by day, Indie game developer by night.

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